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Tom Brady Texted an Apology to Tyrann Mathieu

In the heat of the moment, you could be forgiven if you thought Tyrann Matthieu struck first blood in his war of words with Tom Brady. I think most of us did. 


Yes, Honey Badger a straight baller as the kids say, in every sense of the word. If you say you wouldn't like a guy like him on your team, you don't deserve a guy like him on your team. He's also a guy whose engine runs on the red line at all times playing in an emotional game where the Chiefs secondary was under intense pressure all night. So it wouldn't be shocking to learn that he yapped and Brady yapped back and the war escalated from there. 

Except apparently that is not what happened at all. It seems Brady was the one carrying the paddle.

In spite of Mathieu's maximum overdrive style of play and Brady's natural propensity for "The Four Agreements" style Zen philosophy, Mathieu was the victim and Brady the bully.

Source - Immediately after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs 31-9 in Super Bowl LV on Sunday, Bucs quarterback Tom Brady texted an apology to Chiefs safety Tyrann Mathieu for several on-field verbal altercations, according to a source with knowledge of the situation.

ESPN was read the contents of the text out loud. …

Brady called Mathieu the "ultimate competitor" in his apology text and said he knew he needed to match Mathieu's intensity Sunday.

Brady told Mathieu he'd watched him since his days at LSU, and he praised Mathieu for his heart, calling him an "incredible leader, champion and class act."

Brady also expressed his desire to apologize in person in the future. He said his outbursts in an emotional moment were in no way a reflection on his feelings toward Mathieu, whom he spoke of highly throughout the week leading up to the game.

Sweet mother of Abraham Lincoln. Is there nothing Brady cannot excel at? He even acts like a petty, vindictive dick better than the rest of us. He cuts a hole in Mathieu's chest. He reaches in, pulls out his heart and stomps it to the ground. On a broken play, as it turns out:

And just when he's won the right to go on being insufferable about it, in that "to the victors go the spoils" kind of way, he does a 180. He says he's sorry. Pretty much concedes he was in the wrong. He wins the PR game. With an apparently lengthy and thoughtful apology, full of remorse, compliments and respect. And if you're Honey Badger, how do you not accept? To demonstrate how much respect the biggest competitor in the history of the game has for you personally. 

I mean, who has time for that after such a huge night? I once won a comedy competition and spent the next few hours getting drunk with my friends until closing. I could barely see straight let alone text my heartfelt thoughts to the runners up afterwards. This guy took time from the postgame celebration with his team and family to pour his soul out to an opponent he wronged. And then probably got up at 5 a.m. to drink a banana smoothie and start watching film for next year. 


Just a class act all the way. Even when he's been classless. Don't be surprised if Tyrann Mathieu takes a below market deal to play in Tampa next year.