Horrible News: Fiore's Deli In Ukrainian Village Is Closing It's Doors For Good After 50 years

To all the beautiful people that walked thru the door of our Deli, to our old, new, even the ones that just walked in for a visit….Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your loyalty, for supporting our small business, without you, we couldn't be open for almost 51 years. As everything in life all journeys have a beginning an end, 2020 made us realize that life is precious, we cannot take anything for granted, so by reflecting on this, we decided that was time to retire! First of all we like to thank our son Frank for his hard work, we couldn't have done it without him, Frank will start his new chapter in his life…thank you son!

Also we like to thank our daughter Florinda for helping us through her school years and for promoting our business….thank you daughter!

We will never forget all our employees, some of them teenagers, some of them lasted many years, we can't thank enough Joe, he's been the most loyal employee we ever had….thank you Joe!(also for keeping up with our craziness, lol!)

Again to our customers, friends,we'll keep you all in our memories, thank you for your support…we felt your love! Be well everyone

God Bless you all !

This one hits close to home and by home I mean work because it's literally down the street from our office. We've spent a lot of time in this corner deli and the same goes for thousands upon thousands of Chicagoans. Just look at this deli and tell me it doesn't scream high quality.

As a group we spend so much time talking about food in Barstool Chicago. Obviously JP Graziano's is and always will be our #1 for an infinite amount of reasons. But if you ask Jim himself, he'll be the first to tell you there are phenomenal places all over the city. He's got a recommendation for any kind of place under the sun and no doubt Fiore's would fall under that umbrella. So to put things in context, we're really losing a quality neighborhood corner spot. Completely peaceful residential little area and then boom right on the corner is your one stop shop. Think 7-11 with better groceries and a high quality made-to-order deli with bread from D'Mato's and a quant little patio area for when the weather's nice. Without exaggerating this news is going to piss off a lot of people. 

I don't have any access or influence with the Barstool Fund so far be it from me to make any promises but I feel like if we gave WSD and me a budget we could order enough lasagna to pay some bills. It's just a thought. As long as we're in the Ukrainian Village we're going to need access to a quality spot. With Fiore's out of the mix we're back to gas stations and that's flat out risky. 

Congrats to the family on decades of success. I don't know them personally enough but the son who ran that place busted his ass. The guy Joe who makes the sandwiches always put a smile on your face. Every now and then you'd hear some arguing from the back that made you know it was a total family run operation. It's places like these that make a city like Chicago unique and they need to be celebrated. Not ignored. 

Thank you Fiore's and good luck with the next chapter. Hopefully you guys own the building because that thing is worth $$$$$$$$$