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If You Are Looking For Something To Do In Snowy New York, You Can Apparently Beat The Shit Out Of Your Buddies With Axes While Wearing Suits Of Armor In Central Park

What's better than this? Sirs being knights. While everyone else was nursing their hangovers and slumping to work on the worst day of the year, these four gentlemen woke up and chose violence. I had no idea LARPing could be such a beautiful contact sport. Granted, all I know about LARPing is what I learned in the criminally underrated movie Role Models.

On second thought, this clearly isn't LARP. Just four New Yorkers that somehow got their hands on armor and axes going medieval on each others' asses in the name of content, or more than likely boredom. Nothing wrong with that I suppose, especially since there is a giant void of people dressed as knights attacking each other now that Thrones is done and I don't know if/when Knight Fight is coming back.

God I love that show and not just because they said I could fight Large in a Podfathers battle royale that would result in one of us dying. Not from a weapon but from a heart attack brought on by walking with a giant suit of armor on.