Jerry Jones Is Clearly Telling Dak He Doesn't Want Him Anymore By Leaving Him Out Of The Cowboys Official New Hype Video


I've thought long and hard about the following question: Should it be a big deal that the Cowboys made a new hype video for next season and curiously left out Dak Prescott? I've studied this question from all sides and angles. On one hand maybe it's not a big deal at all because as far as I can tell, Dak Prescott is not currently a member of the Dallas Cowboys. They have the right to franchise him again (which he doesn't have to sign), but I don't think he's a current member of the Cowboys, which might be why he's not in their hype video. A shame, I agree. But for some reason, Cowboys fans and media want him in it.

Some see it as a jab



While others see it as a slight




Or perhaps it's actually a sign



And others with very similar last names are just thinking out loud



But realistically, what can the Cowboys do? It's a no win situation, just the way I like it for them. Because they could put Dak in the video and get everyone's hopes up, make it seem like he's a lock to return, and then let everyone down when he signs elsewhere. That'd be chaos. Or then on the other hand they can leave him out completely and send everyone into a panic, like right now. How can a team put in a player who isn't even under contract though? 

My non-biased, definitely not just saying this because I hate the Cowboys conclusion- it's definitely a slight towards him. The organization is saying they will be fine and dandy with Andy Dalton as the starter moving forward. Jerry Jones is loud and clear, "this team does not need Dak Prescott". Looks pretty cut and dry to me, and clearly his best option is to find a new team not the NFC East. Oh well, was a good run in Dallas, but time to move on.