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I Need To Move In With Joe Pesci Because His House Is So Goddamn Funny

There is no worse hangover than the Super Bowl Monday hangover. You know it, I know it, we all know it. I woke up today with a very dry throat because I sleep next to some stupid air humidifer thing for some stupid reason, stumbled out of bed, battled my way to the train with the beautiful sight of gray snow everywhere, and somehow got to work without slipping on ice. Dodging ice in the freezing cold can take a lot out of you, especially on Super Bowl monday, so I really needed a pick me up today.


And I got that very pick me up I so desperately needed in the form of a Joe Pesci's house tweet. I am flabbergasted. Truly flabbergasted. I feel like I shouldn't be because this is Joe fucking Pesci we're talking about but It's just perfect. If the tooth fairy visited me in the middle of the night & asked me to envision what I'd want Joe Pesci's house to look like this would be it.

At first glance you genuinely have to think Joe Pesci is not aware that it's 2021. He 100% thinks it's 1991 & Goodfellas came out just last year because those couches, the all-white walls, the pinball machine, etc SCREAM Wolf of Wall Street party vibes. Prime late 80's/early 90's vibes. You may need to wear a white blazer with a vibrant colored shirt under it just to get admission. 

Then you have the absurd posters. Absurd.

And don't even get me started on what I can only imagine is known as his personal accomplishment room? The room with solely a printer, pictures of him in movies & on the golf course, a television that may actually be older than him, and a door with only 2 decorations on it- a Columbus Day appearance poster & a gargantuan photo of him winning his Oscar. 

while we're talking about it never forget the GOAT Oscar speech

And of course the cherry on top of the whole house HAS to be his Goodfellas/Oscars corner. I mean it when I say bury me in Joe Pesci's Goodfellas/Oscars corner. I just gotta plop my ass in the lazy boy & I'll be able to die in peace.