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Bieber Wearing Underwear Underneath His Bathing Suit Is The First Move He Has Done That Has Made Me Question My Allegiance To Him






First of all since when is Bieber and Lauren Scruggs friends?  What if you get your hand cut off by a propeller you automatically get to hang out with the Biebs?  Is that how it works?  Because I’ll fucking cut my hand off.  I swear to god I will.  At least I would have before seeing these pictures.  Listen everybody knows I’m Team Bieber, but is he kidding me with the underwear underneath the bathing suit look?  Go back to Nantasket or Old Orchard Beach bro.   There are a lot of no no’s in life but underwear underneath the bathing suit is probably top 5.  I don’t want to blow this out of proportion,  but my world is kind of turned upside down right now.  I almost need a written apology from Bieber that this was a mistake and it will never happen again.   Seriously I may have to quit Bieber over this.  It’s that big of a scandal.   If you wear underwear underneath your suit you’re trash plain and simple.