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Kid's Mom Invites Jim Harbaugh To His Graduation Party...He RSVPs In Classic Harbaugh Fashion

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Fucking Harbaugh. Just the perfect mix of awesome guy and awesomely insane psychopath. Very cool to respond to the family, and also incredible how he can’t even write a simple RSVP note to a party without coming across as a nutjob riddled with ADD. I can’t make it, hanging out with my wife, I miss Bocce ball, my grandfather came here a long time ago, I liked him, I like holidays too, I remember them. I like picnics. K bye. Stream of consciousness like you read about. Definitely wrote this at the kitchen table in a UM bathrobe over a bowl of cereal and blue Gatorade with a Blu-Ray of old school Saturday morning cartoons on in the background. (That’s how I picture Jim Harbaugh at home, always).

Never change Jim.

PS – 100% guarantee if he made a surprise appearance at the grad party he’d have his shirt off and have distant relatives running route trees in the backyard in 15 minutes tops.

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