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Trevor Bauer's Friend Gets to Shoot Him in the Nuts With a Paintball Gun Now Because He Signed a Multi-Year Contract

It's easy to forget after a football game of rather large interest this weekend, but it was just Friday that Trevor Bauer signed a three-year, $102 million deal with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Other than receiving a Scrooge McDuck sum of money for a couple years of work, this contract is notable for another reason. Bauer apparently made a bet with a friend almost a decade ago that if he ever signed a multi-year deal, his friend could shoot him in the balls with a paintball gun from 10 feet away.

I guess after signing seven straight one-year deals, the money was finally too great to turn down. And when you figure that Bauer will make $110,000 on whatever day this bet is paid off — assuming it takes place in 2021 — that checks out. You could shoot me in the balls point-blank every day for as long as you wanted if a check of that size hit my account at the end of the night.

I just really hope this was brought up at some point during his negotiation with teams this offseason. "Listen guys, let's just do $55 million for one year and be done here. It's a long story, but that second year is going to cause me a great deal of pain."

But I guess we should look out for a video of the highest-paid player in baseball taking a paintball to the groin sometime soon on the Momentum YouTube channel.