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I Still Can't Believe Pink Whitney Pulled Such A Scumbag Move On Rico Last Night

Just an absolute mental roller coaster last night on the live bet stream for all parties involved. You don't need a lengthy recap here to know how awkward the first half was as we cycled from one disappointed contestant to the next. But once things got going, it was quick work to make up for the slow start. 

At one point I was fairly confident the Chicago team would make a splash and then this happened. 

But then it was quickly washed away with great high five. Talk about two best friends anyone has ever had. 

At this one point the Cowboy even stole the show with some textbook arguments. 

If you don't have 1:45, let me hit you with the most pertinent part: 

All in all though it wasn't enough to throw Rico off his game. Not WSD's bananaland arguments. Not Whitney throwing cheap shots as the period contest ends. Not Elio's power suit or the technology mishaps. Nothing was stopping Rico coming home with the prize last night which is why it was so easy to take him #1 overall in my predictions blog. 

Sharp money wins. 

Congrats Rico. People forget he's also (BY FAR) the most knowledgeable college basketball guy at the company.