Having A Rough Morning? Hey At Least You Didn't Puke All Over Your Own Face



One of the good qualities of the human race is we can do it all.  We have great range. We’re capable of just about anything and everything.  For instance, we can invent the light bulb.  We can build ships that’ll take us into space.  We can build skyscrapers.  You know what else we can do?  We can puke all over our own faces.  That’s mother fucking range.  One minute a few of us are constructing buildings that will be around for hundreds of years.  The next minute one of us is laying on our back and vomiting up our own nose.  We all have our place and our role on this crazy blue rock that’s spinning in the middle of nowhere.  That guy in the video knows his place.  He barely even reacted when he gave himself a puke facial.  That leads me to believe he’s done it so many times that the feeling of scraping liquid puke out of his eyes doesn’t even phase him anymore.  Humans, baby!


PS- That video is yet another strike against exercise or whatever that guy was doing.  Hey Trent, why don’t you exercise more?  Oh maybe because I don’t wanna be snot rocketing puke out of my nose for the next three days.  Duh.


And walk away