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This Post-Super Bowl Interview Featuring A Man Holding His Giant Snake Is So Damn Florida

This right here is why you have the Super Bowl in Florida. This doesn't happen in Minneapolis, or LA, or Houston, maybe in New Orleans and maybe in Vegas. But this right here screams Florida. Local ABC news doing a live shot outside Raymond James Stadium after the game was wrapping up and some locals had gathered around. Looks like a pretty normal crowd until you notice my man is holding a Red Tailed Boa named Diamond that is right around 10 feet. Love seeing a fellow #SnakeGuy on TV as well. But overall this may be the most Florida 20 seconds you will ever see.

This is what makes Florida the best. Just a dude with a massive snake waiting to do a live hit on the news. You could tell the reporter was terrified of the snake too, but in big J fashion, he went through with the interview and we even found out the handler was a Chiefs fan. Just taking his pet snake out for a walk, nothing really to see here. This is a normal occurrence in the Tampa area I'm sure, probably one of the more normal things people saw around the stadium on Sunday. The story inside the stadium may have been the Brady winning 7 and the Bucs D shutting down the dominant Chiefs O, but outside the stadium people were probably BUZZING about Diamond. People petting her, taking selfies with her while on the news, she was the star of the show if you ask me. What a night for Diamond the boa.