Antoine Winfield Jr. Chucked The Deuces Up On Tyreek Hill And The Chiefs

Shout out to Antoine Winfield Jr. for bringing a little extra juice at the end of this game along with that streaker. I'm sure Steven Cheah and every Bucs or Tom Brady fan are rocking diamond cutters in their pants while watching this dismantling. The rest of us however needed something to stop us from crawling into bed with half of our body weight being beer, Buffalo sauce, and bleu cheese. There is something special about watching a player getting hit with his own taunt during/after a big loss. It's like using a wrestler's finishing move against him. As disrespectful as it gets. Giving Winfield a penalty for something Hill can do penalty free seems kinda fucked up, but I'm sure he will gladly give up that 15 yards. Shit, he could give up 15 points and the Chiefs would still be cooked.

Tyreek Hill may be fast but life always comes at you faster.

Mark LoMoglio. Shutterstock Images.