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Frank The Tank Is Putting On An Absolute Clinic Tonight On How To Dominate Another Man's Drink Holder

Let me start by saying absolutely no disrespect to El Pres. I mean that sincerely. I honestly don't think you really have a choice in this situation but to let Frank have the cup holder. He's a known fighter and textbook cup holder guy with no ice in his pint glass of diet coke. Very little room for error and Dave's wearing white. So from a risk management perspective I completely understand how you can turn the other cheek to Frank's big bold liberties.

That said, you really don't see this kind of man-to-man domination any more. It's usually reserved for airplane arm rests and your grandpa making someone get up from his chair. Other than that it's hard to imagine a situation where this kind of behavior is even remotely tolerated or considered. It starts with a cup holder it ends with guest privileges in a Nantucket pool house. I've seen it a thousand times. 

Credit to Dave for sharing the real estate. Smaller men with bigger egos would crumble under these circumstances. Yet he continues to lead by example. It truly makes my job that much easier. 

Anyways Tank's in 3rd place right now at $3,250. Couple things go his way and we could be in the penthouse fellas. LETS GO TANK.