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Patrick Mahomes Looks Like Absolute Shit Tonight

This is absolutely insane to me. You know anything can happen in the NFL particularly a Super Bowl but I don't think Mahomes under 50% for 75 yards and a pick over halfway through the 3rd even remotely registered in anyone's brains. Objectively speaking this is a downright pathetic football game. 

As a Bears fan I'm attuned to routinely disappointing quarterback play but even this makes me want to fucking puke. You're better than this Patrick. We have an Overs Club to think about and expectations to meet, which eminds me.

Barstool Chicago is currently in 1st place of the livestream. Talk about exceeding expectations. I've said before and will say again I hope they don't win because then I'll hate their guts forever. At the same time I want the content to be electric and it appears White Sox Dave is starting to deliver

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