Did Tony Romo Show Up On TV With Piss All Over His Pants?

Tough scene here for Tony, but we've all been there. Oh we've all been there wearing the khaki colored pants. There is a hard rule. Anything more than three shakes and you're playing with yourself. You can't play with yourself at the Super Bowl, not that Tony Romo knows about playing in the Super Bowl. The real question is why the hurry? I assume Romo has an elite bathroom at the Super Bowl, not a bidet, but a solid bathroom. You're not missing the Weeknd if you're Romo. It was an average show. It was no Shakira or J Lo shaking their ass. It was no Bruce sliding his dick and balls right into America's face. You can sit there, let it drip dry while dealing with the 3 shake rule. Maybe we had a Larry David situation

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I don't know Jiiiiimmmmmmmm it might be a little pee.