The Weeknd Put On A Dud Of A Half Time Show

I love The Weeknd, have since the House of Balloons mixtape, and think he's one of the most incredibly talented artists on the planet. And I'm a sucker for feel good turnaround stories and nobody has a better one than going from being homeless to one of the biggest musicians on the planet.

That said, don't you have to be Michael Jackson status to be honored with getting to play the Super Bowl halftime show?

I tweeted this before the show kicked off and Weeknd couldn't have proved me more correct.

Not sure if it was nerves or what but the poor guy couldn't stay on key.

He allegedly dropped $7 million of his own money on staging, lighting, and visuals production. Not sure who he contracted but I'd ask for a refund.

2nd half about to kick off. Pray that Arians continues to pound the ball and doesn't try to get fancy.