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The NFL Refusing To Let Junior Seau's Family Speak At His Hall Of Fame Induction Proves They Have The Worst PR Team Ever



SAN DIEGOThe family of the late Junior Seau denies they “fully support” the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s policy preventing family members from speaking at the induction ceremony on behalf of deceased players, refuting a statement posted on the organization’s website. Seau’s daughter, Sydney, was listed as a presenter on her father’s behalf in a Hall of Fame news release sent July 15. However, she will be commenting only via video when her late father enters the Hall of Fame on Aug. 8. The Hall of Fame said in a statement that it is consistent with its policy concerning the induction of deceased players. In a statement released by the family’s attorney, Megan Donohue, the Seau family denied the notion that representatives of the Pro Football Hall of Fame had clearly told the San Diego native’s family that they would not have an opportunity to speak at the ceremony. “The Seau family appreciates the overwhelming support for Sydney Seau to be able to accept Junior’s induction into the Hall of Fame live and in her own words,” Donohue said. “Unfortunately, the Hall of Fame is unwilling to reverse its decision despite communicating to the family earlier this year that Sydney would be able to speak at the ceremony. Contrary to the most recent statement by the Hall of Fame, the family does not support the current policy that prevents family members from delivering live remarks on behalf of deceased inductees.





This is one of those things where it’s such common sense that it’s absolutely insane the NFL and Hall of Fame could get this wrong. Just let the Seau family speak. I don’t really understand the policy to begin with but if ever there was a reason to make an exception to the rule, it’s for Junior Seau. He literally, and tragically, gave his life to the game. Endured constant head trauma in an era when it wasn’t monitored and players were rushed back onto the field, and it messed him up so much that he shot himself in the chest to keep his brain intact so it could be studied.


You think just maybe that’s a guy worth bending policy for?


The NFL hasn’t had a good bit of PR in as long as I can remember. Everywhere you turn the league is surrounded by scandal and controversy. Goodell’s incompetence, Deflategate, spousal abuse, steroids, concussions, DUIs, guns, drugs, etc. There are NEVER good stories written about the NFL. So how does no one step in here and say “Ya know what? Let’s give Sydney her 10 minutes, allow her to honor her father, get maybe one last memory to look back on and we can avoid looking like evil assholes for once.” It’s so simple and such a no-brainer that the NFL is the only group of people who could possibly fuck it up.