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Alexander Volkov Bullies The Hell Out Of Alistair Overeem And KOs Him In The Second

Our first UFC Fight Night from the Apex in 2021 has come to a close, and on a bit of a weird, downer of a note!

Alexander Volkov just ran right through Alistair Overeem from the second this fight started, and The Reem never looked like he wanted to be in there. He barely threw any punches (they did look okay when he fired em off) and just spent the whole fight on his back foot, getting his face smashed in. This sorta puts the nails in the coffin of his career-long dream/journey to the UFC Heavyweight Championship, so I'm sure he's devastated - but that's the fight game. Unforgiving as any.

You can't discount the performance of Volkov, either - he looked better than ever and got the attention of the heavyweight division with that win (even some former foes)....

Can you imagine this division in a few months when Jon Jones is (allegedly) joining em?!