Jordan Spieth Is BACK

He's back baby!!!! It's been a long road but my golly is Jordan Spieth back in a big way. We were down in the depths of despair. No wins in 79 starts. Missed cuts in 4 of 7 starts this year. 92nd in the world and at the bottom of the Tour in all kinds of driving and tee-to-green metrics. It was really starting to look like the guy who set the Tour on fire at such a young age was never going to find it again. And then he found something.

Today was just vintage Spieth out there. Tee to green was an adventure (mostly positive) but the man was absolutely unconscious with the putter. He was pouring in nearly everything and even the ones that he wasn't making looked like they had eyes for the hole. When he was piling up wins and top 5's in majors consistently his short game and flatstick were the best on planet Earth. His 2015 season was probably the greatest putting season in the history of the game. He was doing all of that and more today. They're only allowing 5,000 fans at the Waste Management but it sounded like the usual 200k with the roars he got out there on 16 and 17. 

I'm not exactly sure what's changed for Jordan. His putter definitely kickstarted this thing, but he's found something along the way. He opened the week on Thursday with a 4 under 67 that was pretty much a mirage. He gained a preposterous 3.811 strokes on the green against the field while only hitting 2 of 14 fairways and 11 of 18 greens in regulation. That's insane and basically impossible to maintain that type of scoring over 4 rounds. But posting a number must have triggered something in ol Jordo. MF woke up Friday and got his swagger back tee to green. He's hit 16 of 28 fairways and 32 of 36 greens on his way to a 67 and a preposterous 3rd round 61. Watching him today was an absolute blast and we're setting up for a helluva Sunday finish with these great names at the top.

Can't wait.