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The Bears Better Not Be The Team Ready To Give Up A "Matthew Stafford Type Package" For Carson Wentz

I've refrained from really commenting on this because as you can see from my tweet above I'm praying that it's not true. It has to be people juicing up the market as there's nobody really that dumb that would make this move for Carson Wentz, right?


Well, apparently Schefty said that the trade is imminent and man oh man am I sweating like a 2 striper in a sauna that's trying to get down to a 1 striper for the sake of his grammar school football team.

Who the fuck would do this?

ESPN - The Eagles are said to be looking for, in the words of one well-placed source, "a Matthew Stafford package" in return for Wentz. The Lions traded Stafford to the Rams last weekend for a third-round pick this year, two future first-round picks and quarterback Jared Goff, the player selected directly in front of Wentz as the top two picks in the 2016 NFL draft.

Among the teams that have expressed some level of interest in Wentz are the Chicago Bears and Indianapolis Colts, sources told ESPN, although other teams also have called to gauge the market and see what a package for the Eagles quarterback would look like

Like seriously that cold hearted bastard Goodell has to step in if the Bears or the Colts are this dumb. 

Ryan Pace has to be checked into a psych ward and evaluated no if's and's or but's about it if he gives up capital and takes this on WILLINGLY: