A Dog Food Company Fed People Their Product To Try To Prove Their Food Is Equally Tasty To Humans


I think this dude’s reaction at 2:15 sums it all up:


Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 4.25.07 PM


I know there’s conceptually nothing different about dog food other than the quality and some of the ingredients they use to bind it together. And I also know that with the way they presented this food in chicken tacos and meatballs it’s not the same as eating some shapeless mold intended for a fancy boy Brooklyn dog and trying to consume that. But it’s just something about knowing you’re eating dog food. I got all fucked up one day several years ago and tried dog treats with a very classy ex-girlfriend (who recently got engaged, there’s hope for all of us) and was pretty indifferent to it. It wasn’t tasty or anything by human standards, mostly kind of like eating cardboard. But the idea that it was intended for my dog whose idea of a good time is going to town on her bung hole or unearthing paper towels with semen on them made me gag a little. So I get where this guy is coming from. Sit on the couch, sleep in bed, fine. But share the same quality of food as me and we’ve got a problem, Fidos.