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TikTok Silhouette Challenge Turns Bad As Creeps Are Removing Red Filter To Expose TikToker's Bodies

TikTok is great. It's a social media platform that emerged from nowhere and has changed the social media landscape forever (something I truly believe). The app is built upon challenges. Recently, we saw the #BussIt challenge go viral, one of my favorite challenges in awhile. 

There are still some #BussIt challenges that are coming out, but the TikTok world has moved onto the Silhouette Challenge, which I am also a fan of. Absolutely no complaints so far watching the Silhouette Challenge.

The only thing is that the TikTok filter used to create the black and red look? Turns out it's incredibly easy to take off.....not great! There are even videos on YouTube with hundreds of thousands of views on how to take the filter off.

The growing pains of social media are something. Does this prove we live in the stupidest era of human existence? Nahhhh, we are pretty smart. Think about it! We just crashed our entire stock system because of a subreddit that is a clan of self proclaimed idiots (they use another word, but I don't want to get canceled). You think those dumb-dumbs from the 1800s could've done that? Nah. We are pretty smart, or at least not as dumb as we used to be. 

P.s. YouTube is very weird with how they decide which videos should be taken down. Why wouldn't a video showing how to get a video of someone close to naked against their will be taken down? I feel like that should 100% not be on their platform based on their decisions in the past. Weird.