We're Almost There - Football, Fall Beers, And New Episodes Of South Park

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Well god damn we’re almost there folks. Finally turning that last corner and coming around the stretch to the best season of the 4. Fall baby! Hoodies and beers and football. And yes, South Park, because I just fucking love South Park I had to include it. Hockey season, my birthday, baseball playoffs, girls seeing how slutty they can get on Halloween, the Nats’ World Series parade, motherfucking THANKSGIVING, it’s all happening. So close to the dog days of Summer being over. Sure I like Summer. I like the week I spend at the beach every year. And I very much love drinking outside and going to cookouts. But there’s something about the Fall that just feels right. It’s not too hot, not too cold. No more 150% humidity. No more having to wear short sleeves so the girls know how un-muscular I am. Delicious beers are released. I can pretend for a few weeks the Redskins aren’t dog shit. I can watch Ovi score a billion goals. Spend all day Saturday drinking and watching CFB, spend all day Sunday drinking and watching the NFL. Pretty soon all will be right in the world again.