A Twitter Troll Confronted CM Punk In Person And Challenged Him To a Fight


Gotta give this psycho in the audience credit though. He’s not hiding behind his keyboard. That’s always the phrase, “keyboad warrior”. People who Tweet/comment anonymously but don’t have the stones to do anything in real life. So props to Dillon Pousson for showing up and challenging Punk to a fight in real life. I think Punk has to fight him now too or he loses by default. Get some street cred for me, Punk. UFC purists already don’t like him because he’s the WWE, “fake wrestling guy” trying to come into their sport and take all the headlines. So he should just take him up on the fight and prove his worth. Turns out Dillon does MMA fight himself…and has been banned from his gym for going after Punk.

Maybe it was the part about beating up his sisters’ pussy? That was a bit odd. I liked the rest of it though.