JJ Watt Doing The Nae Nae With A Bunch Of Kids At The YMCA Is TOO FUNNY

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HOUSTON — After an event with a group of teenagers at the Houston Texans YMCA, defensive end J.J. Watt walked over for interviews. He could hardly get a few words out before a group of kids began chanting his name in a play area.

“Stop it!” Watt yelled playfully to the kids, teasing them with a wave of his hands. They didn’t stop it.

“I’m still here!” Watt let them know as they continued chanting his name. Once the interview finished he made a beeline for the play area, sliding down a twisting slide with them before they had a lesson for him.

A dance lesson presumably to aid his famously uncoordinated touchdown celebrations.

“People tell me I’m terrible at the Nae Nae,” he told the kids. KHOU’s Matt Musil caught it on video.




I don’t think you get it, it’s TOO FUNNY, as in there is no more funny to be had. JJ Watt went to a YMCA with a bunch of cameras and made a too funny. Then Sportscenter and the whole internet agreed that it was the funniest coolest thing a person has ever done in life and we laughed and laughed and laughed some more.


“Damn, JJ Watt stole all the funny when he did the Nay Nay with a bunch of kids” -everyone, right now.