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O'Dayniac Top 25 Power Rankings Week 2 Reaction and Notes

Less than 24 hours removed from an insane finale of Surviving Barstool, the office was abuzz today, but for a very different reason: the O'Dayniac Top 25 reveal. I've never seen simping in this office like what I witnessed towards Tyler O'Day this morning. You'd have thought he was handing out $100 bills people wanted to be on this list so badly.

But after starting with a modest six O'Dayniacs ranked in Week One, we finally have this week's Top 25. So I'm going to break it down with some rapid reaction and notes.

- At No. 1, we have The Cheapies. To be totally honest with you, even after receiving a vague description from Tyler, I still have no idea what this means or who it is.

- Noted O'Dayniac Big Cat comes in at No. 2 after topping the initial list. You have to think he won't be satisfied with anything shy of that top spot, but he is the first individual ranked.

- Cody Lanza is pretty new in the office, but he must truly be adored by O'Day. Gotta feel good to be in such a great spot here.

- Max O'Day at No. 4 may seem like nepotism to the rest of us, but imagine your own brother ranking you fourth? I'd guess he's not thrilled.

- Stu Feiner was a no-doubt Top 10 pick. The committee got that one right.

- Zack Maccario comes in at No. 7, only a couple days removed from being Brianna Chickenfry's third choice for a loved one on Surviving Barstool. This guy just loves making lists.

- I was told Bed Gang is an "intrepid group of former viceroys" and all I want to know is where that name came from.

- It's a bold move to put your boss ninth, but I can think of no better way to describe Tyler O'Day than bold. When reached for comment before knowing where he'd be on the list, Gaz said, "The only reason he exists is because of me. I should be No. 1."

- Maybe the most intriguing portion of the Top 25, in my opinion, is the stretch from No. 13-16. Jeff Nadu coming in ahead of some bona fide O'Dayniacs like Doogs, Avery and Derek certainly caught my eye. I guess Nadu has really done some work to prove his worth in Tyler's eyes.

- I wouldn't say I'm content with being No. 19, but I'll take Top 20 and do my best to just be a steady riser as the season goes along. You don't want to peak too early. Although I will say it's a bit disappointing that I've worked with Tyler for two years, put out a Christmas single together and my name was misspelled — still an O'Dayniac for life, though.

- Kyle Gelling comes in at No. 20 here, but I'm writing this solely to let him know that he would undoubtedly be Top 10 in a Big T Believers rankings. Keep up the great work, KG.

- I asked Tyler who Andrei Berman was and he said, "A king of public transit and communication." It turns out that guy is a spokesman for the MTA.

- These are obviously the O'Dayniac Power Rankings as compiled by the man himself, but if I had anything to say about it, Enrique and Zah would be much higher. Those are two high-energy guys that keep things light around here.

- Who will be this year's Coastal Carolina? Even with 25 people, there were still plenty of O'Dayniacs left off the list. If I had to pick one person, Data Guy EBo would be my pick to rocket up this board in a few weeks.

So that's where things stand after Week 2. I'm very interested to see how this shakes things up in the office and what people have to say as it relates to where they are on the board. Tyler O'Day has somehow manufactured a way to wield an unthinkable amount of power.