Instead Of Calling Iowa Frauds Who Are Trending To Be A Failure In The NCAA Tournament, Let's Focus On A Real Title Contender - Ohio State

Last night gave us a pivotal game and I've debated all morning on how to talk about it. Do I call Iowa frauds? No, you see I've done that all year and they aren't even frauds. They are just who we (I) thought they were. A team that can score with anyone, led by Luka Garza but can't defend anyone in the country. I thought well maybe I should show this and how they are trending to be a failure in the NCAA Tournament. 

A whole lot of round of 64 losses there. No Final Fours. Now, do I think Iowa will make a Final Four? Nope. I also don't think they'll lose in the first round because of Luka. They'll lose somewhere before the Elite Eight. Again, these are just factual statements and numbers. What's there to say about Iowa? Again, they are so bad defensively that they had to put in an entire new 5 just for one defensive possession. That zone is atrocious because they just let the pass get to the middle and attack from there. Now you see, this is me growing and me not gloating about being right despite all the push back.

This is about Ohio State. Ohio State is currently a No. 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament. They currently are the best team in the Big 10 (because Michigan is on pause). At worst they are 2nd behind Illinois, we can debate who we like more right now. And I hate it. Same reason I hate Alabama being awesome at basketball. You're allowed to awesome at one sport. Ohio State has football. They shouldn't be able to have Chris Holtmann turning them into this sort of program. The dude can coach his ass off. 

Ohio State currently has the 4th best offense in the country. That's mostly due to EJ Liddell being such a matchup monster. He's essentially a stretch five that can play big and you can play him alone or next to Kyle Young. Justice Sueing is in the same boat. Then you look at the guards - Duane Washington and CJ Walker can go get their own buckets. Justin Ahrens sealed the game by hitting three threes late. That's all before you even mention Seth Towns - the former Ivy League Player of the Year. 

Those numbers are pretty solid, especially when you throw in the fact that they also have more Quad 1 wins than any team in the country. Right now they are trending to being a No. 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament. Those 2 spots outside of Baylor and Gonzaga are WIDE open but for a select few. You can make a case for Ohio State, Illinois, Michigan, Villanova, Texas and probably Houston. That's about it. I don't think Alabama has enough top end wins to get there. I don't think Texas Tech can get there either, same goes for any ACC school. Ohio State ends with Michigan on 2/21, Iowa on 2/28 and Illinois on 3/6. 2-1 in that stretch to go with Maryland, Penn State, Indiana and Michigan State and you're looking at a 1 seed. Unreal what Holtmann is doing there.