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It Turns Out Tom Brady is the GOAT of Reading Mean Tweets

As solid a running gag as the Mean Tweets segment is, you'd be lying if you said anybody has done it better than Tom Brady. The reason being that the whole reason the bit works is that it combines self-deprecation with the awkwardness of celebrities, who are used to getting their asses kissed, finding out first hand what some people say about them. And no famous person suits the premise better than Brady.

Here's a guy who's been living his life by "The Four Agreements," with an unshakable, kale smoothie-fueled positivity,  a belief in family and friendships strapped to his big heart with resistance bands, and more harmonious optimism than you'll find in sunrise photos on Instagram. Having to react in real time to strangers on the internet saying he's got a flabby old lady arm, calling him a fat bitch, and comparing his existence to a butthole taking a shit. Come for the insults, stay for Brady being confronted with someone talking about him having sex with his supermodel wife in his giant mansion. 

I honestly wonder what goes on in his brain when he hears this stuff. Here's a guy who has been in the public eye since the late '90s, and the worst thing that anyone can truly say he's done is ... what? Dance awkwardly? Swear on the field when he's frustrated? Stick his foot out at Ed Reed? He's the human version of a video like this:

... being confronted with the fact that there is no one and nothing so pure that millions of people can't despise it. And that in and of itself is hilarious. 

Not only should the GOAT be a regular on this segment, during the offseason we need a Tom Brady Reads Mean Tweets YouTube channel. I know I'd like, share and subscribe.