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People Forget That Jose Canseco Once Missed His Team's Championship Game Because He Was Hanging Out With A Random Woman He Just Met

What a SCUMBAG. Some may see that act and call Jose a hero or a Saint. But the full context of that story is that he had a championship game taking place while he was lollygagging around with a woman's appliances. You save the baby, save the cat, any other living beings, and let the professionals in the fire department handle the rest. 

Instead, Jose played hero ball and completely ignored that he had a commitment to play softball. Not only a commitment he was paid very handsomely for but a commitment he made to every single player in that clubhouse when he took Mr. Burns' money under the table. What a disgusting act! (Said in Joe Buck's voice). Not only for putting himself before the team but for allegedly putting himself before what was the greatest show on TV

Scum. Bag.

For the people that have never seen this episode, shame on you for missing an absolute classic. As a penance, I demand you order Rough N Rowdy tonight at to see this selfish asshole get his brains beat in by Billy Football then watch the literal Hall of Fame episode of Homer At The Bat.