Wake Up With Jose Canseco Letting A Ball Hit Off His Head For A Homerun

May 26th, 1993. Jose Canseco was doing stupid things long before Billy Football was even swimming around in his dad's balls. This was burned into my head from Sports Illustrated VHS tapes but I bet if you're Billy's age you don't even know this happened. They probably think it was all 40-40 club, bash bros, and needles. Wrong. Jose Canseco, all time blooper reel guy. 

This might be the sporting event of the weekend. I don't know how Barstool manages to do it every year, but they dominate Super Bowl week. I think I am more excited for Billy vs Jose Canseco than the Super Bowl itself at this point. If you haven't given RnR a chance, this is the moment. I don't know Billy at all, but I feel like I do. I am a little scared for him. There's nothing better than RoughNRowdy when a Barstool employee is involved. Need a big W for Billy. See everyone tonight(on the internet). Buyrnr.com