I Was Almost Cast in Outer Banks Season 2

We interviewed Chase Stokes and Madelyn Cline this week from Outer Banks and they are always a gosh darn delight. Truly great people and we love talking to them on Chicks in the Office. The real kicker of this interview though was finding out that they legitimately sat down with the creator and director of the show to talk about casting me in a role. Now of course I didn’t actually believe that at first, but after Chase said it multiple times I finally believed it. Apparently it didn’t happen because of Covid and blah blah which I get, no outsiders. It is what it is.... but it fucking hurts. It’s the same thing that happened to Luggage Guy Trent on the last season of The Bachelor. Chris Harrison said they had a discussion about bringing him in but with Covid it just didn’t make sense. Either way, you’re telling me the creator of Outer Banks considered me for a role?!?! This seems like an alternate universe. I’m so flattered but also heartbroken at the same time because what the fuck man? I could have been a Netflix STAR. One small role and then boom you get a whole TV series or a movie with 3 sequels. 

Part of me is distraught that this didn’t happen but the other part of me is so flattered and highly appreciative to even be CONSIDERED. People would die to be in that position, so for that (and for the show itself) I am grateful for Chase and Madelyn. Season 3 here I come. 

They also gave us a little sneak peak into season 2 so listen to the interview here...