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The Surviving Barstool Finale Is Tonight At 8 PM ET: Who Ya Got?

So everything kicks off in less than an hour. Kelly Keegs has crushed the immunity challenges, Brianna Chickenfry has been able to stay off everyone's radar while also resting up in the New Amsterdam Lounge, Nick has flawlessly used his mom (if that is his real mom) as a charming white lie machine all the way to the Final Four, and Tommy has made these puppets dance like Jim Henson in his prime in what any reality star would call an absolute strategic clinic.

However, and this is a biiiiig however, the winner will be selected by a jury of idiots. I say that in the nicest way possible since every single person that works at Barstool is an idiot. At least every single person in the content department since I don't think you can even get an interview for the 3rd floor if you have the IQ of your typical personality. Which is why I have no doubt in my mind some truly mind numbing logic and arguments will be presented as the winner is revealed live.

So put your pick on the record by voting below and then go to the Barstool YouTube at 8 PM ET for the conclusion of the greatest reality show this company has ever produced.