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Armie 'The Cannibal' Hammer Claims He's Being 'Kink-Shamed by the Internet,' but Women Have Hit Him Up Saying 'I Can Eat Pieces of Them'

Christopher Polk. Getty Images.

When the star of "The Social Network" and the title character in "The Lone Ranger," one of the worst box office disasters in modern Hollywood history, is revealed to have a history of telling the ladies in his life he wants to eat their body parts and drink their blood, it's a better than even money bet that the story won't end with a reports he carved an "A" into one girlfriend's pelvic area:

Granted, Armie Hammer is the only one who fits the description. And to the best of my knowledge, is the only Hollywood actor ever accused of telling a woman he's dating he'd like to cut off her toe and carry it around in his pocket. So we're in uncharted waters here. But we're not wrong to say there will be more and more coming out about this in the weeks to come. Which brings us to the latest:

Source - Armie Hammer complained about being 'kink shamed by the internet' after women came forward claiming he pressured them into indulging his perverse cannibal and rape fantasies, texts reveal.

The day after an anonymous Instagram account posted screenshots of messages and stories from multiple women outing the Hollywood star, Hammer messaged a friend about his outrage, saying it was 'invasive and sy to get kink shamed by the internet.'

But he also boasted that since his secret was spilled he had received 'a lot of offers from girls who said I can eat pieces of them.'

The friend, who shared the screenshots with, said Hammer had been sexting her for about six weeks before he was outed, and sent her audio recordings calling her his 'perfect little we' and ordering her to 'give me 5 big orgasms.'

The woman, who asked to remain anonymous, said she started talking to Hammer on Instagram in December, and within a day he opened up to her about his aggressive sexual fantasies and tried to persuade her to join in.

'I had one girl who we would role play that I had kidnapped her and was explaining to her that I kidnapped her because I knew she wanted it,' Hammer wrote in the texts.

'And then would explain how I was going to keep her and use her as long as I wanted. That's called consensual non-consent. And I am very down.'

The Call Me By Your Name star said he was into dangerous fetishes including choking to the point of blackout.

'Pleasure, choking someone just to the point where they are about to pass out but timing with when they are going to c* so they come to while they are cing and lose their s. Also, great sex in general. It's my favorite drug,' he wrote.

In the texts Hammer then pushed the woman to record herself masturbating.

'Because if we get in to this I will own those orgasms. So be my perfect little whe and give me 5 big orgasms. Followed by 'thank you sir'. Go. And don't text again till you've cm 5 times,' he wrote.

'That's my good girl. Tell me about it. Voice note or video. Voice note me. Tell me about it.'

Hammer also sent her a highly explicit audio recording of himself, which his exes say was very common when he was aroused.

And this is reportedly Hammer's Rape Fantasy Voice:

And some of the screencaps the Instagram page House of Effie has posted claiming they're from him. These, believe it or not, are among the mildest ones. 

I'm not going into the really explicit stuff. I have my limits. Click the link for yourself, but be warned there is a lot to sift through. Abandon all hope, ye who enter here. 

So it's safe to assume we have barely - scratched the surface is an unfortunately choice of words with this creepshow. So I'll say instead we have probably only witnessed the top snowball on this particular iceberg of sadistic fuckedupery. But hey, I guess it's not my place to kink-shame Armie Hammer, just because women are coming out in droves to say he manipulated them into letting him harm them. And to take his word for it, he's getting more chicks since the story first came out who would appreciate having the honor of being snacked on by an incomparable screen legend such as himself.

Sweet fancy Moses. Ladies, I'm in no position to tell you how to live your lives. Just trust me, there are guys out there you can go out with zero interest in trying to barbecue your body parts. Find one and date him. Thank me later.