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Dinerbar combines two iconic words defining great food and great atmosphere. It is a great place — simultaneously casual and refined — for friends to gather to start their days or end their nights.



Reader Email

Good evening David, 

   We are writing to you from Tower Diner and Dinerbar in Queens, New York. We are a family business who has been in the food business in New York for over 60 years. My dad is as old school as they come, he retired 10 years ago due to Diabetes, Health Issues etc. my family runs both diners and are very hands on. Our employees are our family. Not only has this governor and Mayor close our indoor dining where business is down over 80 percent, one of our cooks who has been with us for over 24 years passed away from Covid. Thinking 2021 is going to be a better year, things are looking bad for both stores. No word on any PPP, but I just want to open my stores. Have three beautiful daughters, two are in college and my livelihood has been stripped from me.