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Possibly the Dumbest Person to Ever Live Has 'L' and 'R' Tattooed on Her Hands to Finally Be Able to Tell Left From Right

Daily Mail — An Australian woman who always struggled to tell left from right has found a permanent solution to the problem by having the directions tattooed on her hands.

D'Kodia Laine, 23, had the ink done on February 3 by tattoo artist Lauren Winzer at Hunter & Fox, a renowned studio in Alexandria, four kilometres south of Sydney CBD.

The communications student, from Canberra, told Daily Mail Australia she got some amusing reactions from friends when she sent them photos of the finished artwork.

'I just got a lot of laughing back and [messages like] "oh you were being serious!",' she said.

Look, I'll say what everybody else is afraid to say: if you need left and right permanently inscribed on your body to know one from the other, you are likely the dumbest person to ever exist. I simply can't believe this story is real.

Although I guess I should qualify that first statement, because there are people up and down the comments section of that Instagram post saying how they need the same tattoo. Is this a real problem for people? If you had asked me this morning how many adults in the world legitimately could not tell right from left, I would have probably said three just to be safe. But is this a real thing?

How does one go through life not knowing which way is left and which is right? I feel like that's something used often enough that even if you somehow got through kindergarten without knowing one from the other, you'd eventually pick it up just based on context clues.

This story should put to rest any talk about people on the internet being too mean. There are people lauding this woman as a visionary for not knowing left from right. The internet is actually way too nice. This is insane.

So I guess I'll do what everyone else is afraid to do and tell this girl that if you need an L and R tattooed on your hands, you're a moron and should be ashamed of yourself.