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I Think I Wanna Become A Dad After Making A Baby Her Formula On My Flight Yesterday?

"Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear Hawaiian shirts." Please put that on my gravestone when I inevitably pass on. And you know what? Dying doesn't even scare me one bit anymore because everyone eventually does it and after what I did yesterday, *this guy* will be dying a hero. I know New York has had great heroes in it's past like Spider-Man and Billy Joel, but have Spider-Man or Billy Joel ever made a baby's formula in a flying box at 20,000 ft? No...No they haven't. 

When a desperate mom (I say this 110% seriously after seeing this in action yesterday I can only IMAGINE how terrifying flying with alone with a baby must be) asks you to help out and make the formula what do heroes do they? They make that fucking formula! Hell, I felt like Emeril Lagasse throwing together the extremely complex recipe of 3 scoops of some odd powder & a few ounces of water into a baby bottle. Within minutes my new friend Abby (We'll call the baby Abby since I don't wanna say her real name #HeroShit) was fed & asleep for an hour or 2. 



I will say the even scarier part was once Abby woke up & kept staring me down giggling I had to react. As I said in that clip I'm literally never around babies. I've had more brussel sprouts in my life than conversations with babies. And I hate brussel sprouts! Eventually I figured out how to do a nice wave and had her laughing more than parents watching Eddie Murphy's 'Delirious' for the 10,000th time. I didn't even care that I had to pay attention to her instead of watching final Black Panther fight between Killmonger & T'Challa, it was quite fun! 

Once we hit our landing at LaGuardia the heroic acts continued. I did a few push-ups, jumping jacks, and arm curls before carrying the moms bags, Abby's 2 blankets, and her STROLLER off the flight. It was a humbling experience to be a Dad for 3 hours & now I think I kinda wanna be a dad? Ladies, my DMs are open.