Is My Old NCAA Football Strategy Commendable or Disgusting?

On this week's episode of Unnecessary Roughness, Brandon and I celebrated the return of the greatest video game franchise of all-time, NCAA Football.

In discussing our memories of the game, I mentioned my short-lived strategy that was eventually banned by my friends — in my own dorm room, no less — my freshman year of college. As I said, I would be an option team and just run the flexbone to the tune of five yards a pop on your ass. And you better hope you ended up getting a stop, because if you didn't, I'd take up an entire half en route to the end zone and basically give you one chance to have the ball the entire game.

When I write it out like that, it is pretty sinister, but that's the way life goes sometimes. If you don't like it, stop it. But eventually, I was forced to no longer run the option and not put the tempo on conservative because "nobody else was having fun," which I guess was somehow my problem. But you better believe the first game I play online of NCAA 23 (or whenever we finally get it) will be with the flexbone playbook ready to make some poor 12-year-old cry.

We also discussed everything going on at Tennessee right now and a few other news and notes as we enter the dead of the college football offseason, so check out the full episode.