Dior Scott, Who Slept in His Car on 'Last Chance U', Just Got Put on Scholarship at Hawaii

This is one of my favorite stories I've seen in a while. After being featured on last year's season of Last Chance U sleeping in his car and working at WingStop just to be able to keep chasing his dream of playing college football, Dior Scott is now on scholarship at the University of Hawaii.

Dior was probably my favorite guy to ever appear on the show. He just kept working his ass off to get where he wanted to go and then even when he was able to get a spot on the team at Hawaii, he had to grind for another full year before he got a scholarship. This dude just never quit.

And in the first few seasons, we saw mostly guys who either flunked out of big-time programs or got kicked out for drugs and things like that, but the season at Laney College was not like that at all. These guys were clinging to their final hope of being able to play college football and praying they could do enough to earn a scholarship somewhere else.

I've obviously never met Dior or anything, but I'm just so damn happy for the guy. He's everything that college football is supposed to be about and now he's finally getting an opportunity as a scholarship player at an FBS school. Just an awesome story.