A Utah Park Called "Evermore" Is Trying To Sue Queen Taylor Swift

A fantasy theme park in Pleasant Grove, Utah filed a suit against Taylor Swift on Tuesday, claiming the pop star infringed on their trademarked name, Evermore Park.

The complaint also alleges that Swift’s 2020 album “Evermore” has caused “actual confusion and negatively affected their search engine placement, the Salt Lake Tribune reported on Tuesday.

Swift’s attorneys are calling the park’s claims “baseless,” and ignored the cease and desist letter sent to the singer on Dec. 18.

Evermore Park opened its gates in 2018 as a place where guests can be “immersed in a fantasy European hamlet of imagination,” their website reads.

I'm mortified for these Utah people. Are you joking? What a fucking STRETCH. You have a weird medieval times theme park in the middle of a super random state and you're trying to claim that TAYLOR FUCKING SWIFT jacked one of her QUARANTINE GENIUS ALBUM NAMES from your jank ass park? Go fuck yourself. 

And you know what this ACTUALLY is? Clout chasing. They're trying to tack themselves onto Taylor's fame, bringing eyeballs to their shantytown. They even tweeted the comparison THEMSELVES!

"Know the difference." Like, HEY! DON'T WORRY! WE NEVER THOUGHT YOUR BOOTLEG HOOVERVILLE TRASH HAD ANYTHING TO DO WITH TAYLOR SWIFT, IDIOTS. Take your SEO obsessed dicks out of your hands and step off. You messed with the wrong crew. You thought this would bring people to your park? I'll burn it the fuck down. "Copyright infringement" from Taylor Fucking Swift, my ASS.