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Kaley Cuoco Received Her First Ever Golden Globes Nomination For Her Amazing Job In 'Flight Attendant' And Her Reaction Was Fantastic

Fucking right Kaley lets go girl! Let the tears flow, you earned this shit. All those years working on 'The Big Bang Theory' and nothing to show for it. Now is there something to be said that I couldn't care less about Big Bang and I was all in on 'Flight Attendant' writing numerous (2) blogs about how good it is? It's a fair question the way I view the situation. As happy as Kaley was for her hard earned work paying off, I'm simultaneously patting myself on the back her being 100% right about this mini-series turned TV show. 

And now we have a Golden Globes nomination for best actress in a Television Series – Musical or Comedy. The Flight Attendant is also up for Best Television Series. You're goddamn right it is. 

Now is Kaley going to bring home the hardware? If it were up to me it wouldn't even be a debate, however, she's going up against  Lily Collins (Emily in Paris), Elle Fanning (The Great), Jane Levy (Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist), and Catherine O'Hara (Schitt's Creek). I think O'Hara is the early favorite but who knows!?

All that matters is that Kaley Cuoco is back. Maybe she never really arrived with Big Bang? If you watch 'Flight Attendant' you see the woman can act. The phone call she makes to her broke in the later episodes is enough to give her the award in my opinon. Obviously the dough rolled in with Big Bang and you're never going to apologize for it, but it wasn't the best received show ever. I'm just glad she got out of the shadows of criticism like this...

And is now a Golden Globe nominated actress. That's fucking awesome. Even better? Season 2 for the show has been green lit so there will be more Cassie Bowden on the way. Go Kaley Go!