What Is The Best Action Movie From Each Of The Last 4 Decades?

ICYMI, we had a banger episode of LCB today featuring the one and only Carl. We reviewed the 2003 BANGER of a movie in S.W.A.T. and did a big ass draft of action movies across the last 4 decades. I'm not going to spoil our choices (yet), but there were some verrrrrry interesting choices. We also have a great interview with handsome lad Joel Kinnaman of 'Suicide Squad', 'Hanna', 'Altered Carbon' and much more. 

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In honor of the draft, check out the form below and vote for your top 3 action movies in each of the past 4 decades as well as one action star. If a choice you want isn't there, just write it in After you vote, click "see previous results" to see how your fellow stoolies voted.