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An ESPN Reporter Tried To Sewer Christian McCaffrey For Not Having Teddy Bridgewater's Back, McCaffrey Wasn't Having Any Of His Bullshit

What a response from McCaffrey here. Just dropping the 'don't speak for me to make a story' is A+. Now, you may be wondering what did McCaffrey say on First Take to draw this sort of tweet? He must have said something like I hope Teddy Bridgewater goes back to the Saints so we can beat them because he sucks ass at quarterback, or something along those lines. Nope, he said literally nothing. Trust me, here's the video: 

Seems like the answer you want McCaffrey to say. It's not his decision, he's ready to play with whoever. That's EXACTLY what I'd want to hear if I'm a Panthers fan. This way people can't sit there and go uh oh McCaffrey loves Teddy, can't trade him or vice versa. Plus who are we kidding? Why do we act like if the Panthers land DeShaun Watson it's not a massive upgrade? Do we really need McCaffrey to tell us that he'd rather play with a better QB? What person in the league wouldn't want that? Shit he had the same answer on the same day, wearing the same shirt

Good for McCaffrey stuffing this dude in a locker. I wish more athletes did shit like that when it's just a blatant lie. Call old ass Big J's out for their bullshit. Plus, McCaffrey had some important business to get back to, like vacationing with Olivia Culpo.