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The Giants Are Reportedly Going To Hire Rob Sale As Their Offensive Line Coach, Who Just So Happens To Be The 2020 College Football Offensive Line Coach Of The Year

I'll be frank with you guys, I was going to like this hire no matter what for three very basic reasons:

1. We trust in every ruling passed down by Coach Judge

2. His name kinda sounds like Robert Saleh and I did not hear one person say anything bad about Robert Saleh after the Jets hired him, so you know he must be good

3. I have loved the Ragin' Cajuns since the moment I heard that Ragin' Cajuns was their team name so much so that I bought this hat back in the day

While other kids were showing up to school that said COCKS or TROJANS or U ASS (shout out to the lunatics that learned how to unsew stuff just to be a bad boy), I was rocking the RAGIN' CAJUNS on my noggin, which definitely had me number 1 in all the girls' power rankings of boys they wanted to play spin the bottle with in middle school. Just kidding, I don't think girls even knew I existed because I actively hid from them until college.

Anyway, I went from liking this move to loving it once I heard Rob Sale just so happened to win the College Football Offensive Line Coach Of The Year Award this morning.

I'll be frank with you guys once again when I say that I never heard of Football Scoop until this morning nor did I know they awarded the College Football Offensive Line Coach Of The Year Award. To be fair, I also have no clue if any other site gives out an award to offensive line coaches, but Football Scoop is followed on Twitter by a whole lot of Big Js in the football media world like Schefty and Rapsheet, which is good enough for me! Would I feel better if that award was presented by Home Depot instead of Astro Turf USA? Of course! But hiring someone who just won an award for being the best at his job in all of college football can't be a bad thing, especially considering Sale was the offensive coordinator and had to start coaching the O-Line after O-Line coach DJ Looney tragically passed away in August right before the season started. He also played offensive line for Nick Saban at LSU and was the strength & conditioning coach for Saban at Bama, so you know he at the very least has Coach Judge's respect.

The Chiefs proved just how important an offensive line is last night, as any Giants fan who has watched one minute of football over the last few years of hell knows. So I am going to choose to believe that Rob Sale is going to coach up all the Hog Mollies to finally live up to that name so I can pump out some shirts and stop screaming at the sky as the Giants QB1 runs for his life. And if Sale doesn't, Coach Judge will beat the shit out of him before moving on to the next O-Line coach who will.