Real Life Air Bud Runs Out Onto Field And Tackles Soccer Player Mid-Match

The Gold Cup finals were just held in Philadelphia at the Linc last night but since the US wasn’t playing for the championship, it’s like it never even happened. All that really happened was a bunch of Mexicans causing traffic delays on the Walt Whitman for everyone coming home from the shore. So here we have the best soccer highlight from the weekend when a real life Air Bud took the field at some random women’s game in Germany. Looked like a perfectly clean play to me. If anything, that’s just a weight room issue for the chick who got taken down. The pup barely even touched her and it looked like she got Chris Kyle’d from the stands. Glad the ref could distinguish the dive there and kept the yellow card in his pocket.

Million Dollar Idea: The girls have been complaining a lot lately about making so much less money than the men. Obviously it all comes down to how much revenue they generate. So if the ladies want to start closing that gap between them and the men, maybe start incorporating more dogs into the sport because I could definitely watch this again and again. Wouldn’t even mind if I had to watch a 30 second ad before watching this 6-second clip.