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"We Make Too Much Money To Voice An Opinion"--Brett Favre Is Being Dumb Again, This Time It's About Deshaun Watson

At Barstool Chicago we've been trying to think of ways to continue to grow Redline Radio(new episode out today) and I think I have finally found the answer...just interview Brett Favre. He is a big name and it feels like any time he speaks it goes viral because his opinions are just that stupid. It's like the old PMT skit/game "headline grab" where they'd pretend to have their guest say something controversial except there's no pretending. Brett Favre repeatedly delivers the goods. 

The lack of self-awareness here is astounding. It's Brett Favre. The guy who held an entire franchise hostage for years as he was trying to make up his mind about whether or not he wanted to play football in Green Bay or elsewhere. Hemming and hawing from his home in Mississippi. Throwing passes to HS kids in wrangler jeans and making Ed Werder set up a live feed every day from Favre's driveway for months at a time. THAT is the guy who thinks Deshaun Watson should just shut up, play for Houston, waste his career on losing teams while sacrificing his body and brain. Maybe the lesson here is that Brett Favre shouldn't talk unless it's filtered through Ed Werder first. Probably shouldn't even send a text message unless Ed Werder approves it. 

Now, nobody made Deshaun Watson sign that contract. I get that. I also bet nobody told Deshaun Watson that Bill O'Brien would systematically destroy the team around Watson. Fundamentally though...that is not what Favre is saying. He is saying that Watson should just shut up because he is highly paid which makes no sense to me. I don't know what your salary has to do with your ability to voice your opinion about your own life and career. Watson doesn't want to waste his. He should be allowed to express that. And this is the NFL. Guys hold out ALL THE TIME. Why is Watson any different? Let him advocate for a trade. Let him be traded to a place where he can be happy. Let him come to Chicago. Seems like he should be allowed to request a trade to the Chicago Bears if that is what he wants and it seems like that is what he wants. 

BIG time trade speculation this week on Redline Radio. You can listen to that episode here