Today's Dumbass, Moronic Take: Dan Wolken Says Coach Cal's Entire Career Is Unraveling Fast

This fucking nerd. Honestly, does anyone come to the defense of Dan Wolken? This is the laziest, most cliche, most played out, most incorrect take I've seen in quite some time. That's saying something, considering everyone hated Dan Wolken at the start of college football for his takes then. So I try to take everything he says with a grain of salt, because, again he's a massive loser. This is what sent him off into the tirade last night: 

Does it look bad? Maybe, but there's also this full quote: 

Terrence Clarke hasn't played in over a month. There is speculation of everything from him sitting out to prevent draft stock from falling, an agent telling him to sit out, just being soft and everything under the sun. It's also part of the problem here. Clarke was SUPPOSED to be one of the two stars with BJ Boston. Now sure, Calipari's lineups aren't helping. It's been a pain in the ass to watch and I've bitched about it a ton. But at what point is it on Boston to stop losing the ball every time he dribbles in the paint? What about Devin Askew not being able to make a shot? 

Oh and why stop at Cal here? Every team that didn't have a ton of continuity returning is sucking ass this year. Duke, Michigan State, Kentucky, etc. It's pretty clear that's why Baylor and Gonzaga are just running over everyone too. But nope, let's stick to Calipari here. Then again it makes sense for Wolken to have this dumbass take since he used to write in Memphis when Cal was there. 

Let's be very clear. Calipari's career isn't unraveling fast. It's one fucking bad season in a bizarro time. He missed on a couple recruits, guys haven't lived up to the hype and he's been stubborn. Fuck outta here if you think this is the 'end of his career' when he should have continuity next year and a recruiting class again that has both one-and-dones and multi-year guys. This is what everyone screamed about right? Can't just have all one-and-dones. Well, this is shocking, I know, it takes more than one year to get multi-year guys. So if this is the end of Calipari's career, throw in K and Izzo as well. Shit, might as well add Bill Self.