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It's OK If The Caps Are Scared To Play The Rangers In Their Reverse Retros Tonight. I'd Be Scared Too. Hammer The Rangers.


The Rangers have had a lot of important games over the last decade or so including many in the Conference Finals & Stanley Cup (yeah go back to Henrik is a King without a crown joke haha you guys are hilarious), but this simply may be the most important of them all. Anytime there's a new uniform game in any sports it's a big fucking deal...Debuting a new uniform might as well be debuting your brand new #1 overall pick. Except in some cases in the NHL this season it's practically the debut of a well-seasoned superstar you just traded for. You've seen 'em play in the past & now they're back with a new look.

Now don't get me wrong I wasn't as happy as a kid on Christmas morning '08 opening up a box of heelys from Santa when the Rangers tweeted out the jerseys a few months ago, but I was definitely INTRIGUED. Thank God we actually switched to a fire flames old logo unlike some other teams (cough cough Islanders & Flyers) which looks fantastic. That lady liberty logo along with the combusted Rangers shield on the top of these 3 graphics are to DIE FOR.

For me it just kinda looks like halfway through the designing process whoever the hell it is that designs jerseys said "alrighty we're good here. Let's pack it in." When they could've added the shield shoulder patch or a nice line on the bottom of the jerseys that the rangers normally wear. ANYWAY at the end of the day what the fuck do I know? And that's why tonight is all that matters. The Rangers may look like they can walk the Oscars red carpet tonight or they can look like some folks did at the Barstool Awards in Summer of 2019. Time will tell! Either way- I'm fully preparing myself for a jerseygasm.