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Watch The Top 10 Moments In RnR History To Get Hyped For RnR 13 This Friday Night

RnR 13 is only 2 days away with an all-time fight card + ring girl roster on the way. Of course I'll be back on commentary with Dave, Octagon Bob plus Caleb & Rone broadcasting LIVE from West Virginia Friday night at 8 pm. We have 20 NO headgear fights coming along with our ring girl contest and 5 incredible Play Barstool Main Events closing out the show. That of course includes Jose Canseco vs Billy Football for my honor. 

PPV goes on sale 2/5 at 12 am so check back soon on in order to watch. Expecting some new moments for that Top 10 too... especially with Troopz AND Frank The Tank in the arena. Show starts at 8 pm, National Anthem at 8:05 pm, CAN'T WAIT.