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Girl Drops Baby Like A Bad Habit In Hopes Of Catching The Wedding Bouquet



Bridezilla in the making right there.  That’s all that is.  How old is that girl, 14 or 15?  Maybe?  Most likely even younger than that.  Well I already pity the poor sap who has to marry her one day.  She’s gonna be a monster to deal with.  Think about it.  If she’s already dropping babies on their heads in hopes of being the next one who ties the knot then god only knows what she’ll be capable of when she’s a fully grown adult.  She’s gonna be ready to marry after the first date.  Pressuring the guy to meet her parents the night after a one night stand.  One of those girls who cares more about marriage than the actual relationship itself.  Normally you only see that desperation from a woman in her 30s who’s watched all of her best friends get married and she’s the only one who hasn’t. That little girl is already at that point and she doesn’t even have her driver’s license.  RIP to the guy she eventually sinks her hooks into.  I’m partially surprised she didn’t stomp on the baby’s head after she didn’t catch the bouquet out of pure anger and rage.  Just went full American History X.