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LeSean McCoy Announces New, PG "Party" With A Cute Attempt At Grammar



Far be it for me or any Barstool blogger to throw stones at glass houses when it comes to are grammer abileties; but shit, Shaddy. There’s zero chance LeSean McCoy was literate enough to graduate from Bishop McDevitt, let alone Pitt. Other that that, not too shabby. Got a little chuckle out of me for inviting “That terrible waiter from the burger joint”. Still, I’m not too sure how the original party was “Taken out of context”. I mean, can’t a pro-athlete get random women over 21 to email a hot photo for an invite to an unknown location where you need to sign a confidentiality agreement without getting chastised? Let the man have his orgy in peace.

How can you blacklist Hulk Hogan yet racist Chip Kelly is allowed to show face? I guess LeSean finally thinks Chip sold his plantation.

PS – My attorney/Bachelorette spankmaster Craig Robinson claims to have gotten an invite to the original orgy and was going to sneak me in. The shiners I would’ve recieved from getting my dick kicked out of there would’ve looked great in a blog.